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A bowl of ice cream or a glass of cold water can help you cool down on a hot summer day. But what you depend on most is your air conditioning system to deliver cool and comfortable conditions inside your home. If your air conditioner starts blowing warm air or not turning on, you’ll need an AC repair right away. BAJA Heating & Cooling is here to help ensure your air conditioner blows cold air all summer at the lowest cost possible.

Signs You Must Schedule an AC Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

It’s common for an air conditioner to experience issues from time to time; after all, it works day and night during the hottest months of the year. Your AC system comprises hundreds of parts, and if one malfunctions, it can impact the cooling cycle and your comfort. The sooner your schedule an AC repair, the lower your risk of requiring a replacement. Here are some warning signs you need an air conditioner repair:

  • The AC system is blowing warm air or no air at all.
  • The AC system cycles on and off frequently throughout the day.
  • Your house feels hot and stuffy and has high humidity levels.
  • You notice strange smells around the air conditioning system.
  • You hear banging, clanking or grinding sounds coming from the AC system.
  • There’s a pool of water or an apparent leak near the AC system.

24/7 Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Service in Virginia Beach, VA

When you need an air conditioner repair, you want to know that your HVAC contractor will restore your comfort without cutting corners. A temporary fix can result in a larger and costlier problem in the future. At BAJA Heating & Cooling, our NATE-certified technicians work diligently to make sure every AC repair we complete is to the highest of industry standards. If your air conditioner is irreparable, we’ll recommend a replacement that’s right for your home. We’re a Trane dealer that services all makes and models.

Prevent AC Repairs by Scheduling Maintenance

Not taking care of your air conditioning system will undoubtedly result in frequent breakdowns and costly repairs. That’s why you should think of preventive AC maintenance as an investment rather than an expense. By having your air conditioner maintained, you’ll enjoy lower cooling bills, fewer repair costs and a longer system lifespan.

Are you in need of a professional AC repair in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach or the surrounding communities? Don’t settle for second best. Contact BAJA Heating & Cooling to have your comfort and peace of mind restored right away. We’re a family-owned company that remains honest and offers flat-rate prices.

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