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No one wants to discover their furnace emitting an odd odor as it may be a sign there’s a problem. While some smells are normal, others could indicate you need immediate professional HVAC service. Here are three troubling furnace odors to watch out for in Virginia Beach, VA:

Rotten Eggs

Some gas companies put in mercaptan so you can tell when there’s a natural gas leak. The chemical can smell like rotten eggs, so if you notice that odor, it’s a sign of a serious issue.

Gas furnaces have a heat exchanger that stops carbon monoxide from leaking into the home. Over time, this component can develop tears and cracks that may endanger your home and family. When you notice the smell of rotten eggs, immediately turn off your furnace and call to schedule HVAC repairs.


You’ll likely notice an unpleasant dusty smell when you first turn on your furnace for the season. This occurs when the dust on the system burns off, but it should typically only last a few heating cycles.

However, if this dusty smell persists, it could mean your furnace filter is full. A clogged HVAC filter can impede airflow into the system and increase your chances of a sudden system shutdown.


An outdated furnace often has worn-down components. For example, if the blower motor’s bearings wear out, excessive electricity can rush the system, which could lead to electrical shorts.

Overheating can even lead to fire emergencies in your home. Immediately turn off your heating system if you smell anything burning, and call a professional HVAC technician.

Don’t let odd furnace odors put your household at risk. Contact the NATE-certified technicians at BAJA Heating & Cooling to expertly provide residential heating service in Virginia Beach, VA. As many odors can be a sign of a serious problem, we’re available for emergency services.

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