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The only thing you should expect from your air conditioner when summer hits are cool indoor temperatures. But if you notice odors coming from your AC system in instead, it means something is amiss. Read on to learn more about these smells.

Common Dust

We all know the old, musty scent of antique woods and dark, enclosed spaces. Dust that collects within your cooling system will emit the scent of aging. Because of the buildup of dust, which can collect moisture and microbial, you might begin to smell dusty allergens that end up spurring allergic reactions inside.

Electrical Burning

At first, electrical burns smell like burning dust, but if the cause is electricity, it’ll also release the scent of melting plastics and charred metal. The mixture of metals and plastics from live wires tells us the nature of this burning scent. A fire, whether it’s contained, ignites each time you power on your AC system if you smell such burns.

Immediately turn off your air conditioner when you smell smoke residue, and contact an AC professional about your next steps. You can’t be sure where the electrical leak is coming from, so don’t assume it’s only within your AC system.

Something Rotting

Unfortunately, one of the foulest odors that comes from air conditioners are dead or dying animals. All HVAC systems rely on an intricate passageway for air to travel throughout, and these ducts are often seen as ideal places for animals to stay warm or dry. Suspect that something was living in your AC system when you find the scent of rot.

Do you notice strange smells coming from your air conditioner? Don’t ignore it. Contact BAJA Heating & Cooling to schedule an AC maintenance, repair and installation service for your home.

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