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When your furnace or heat pump is on the fritz, its performance and efficiency levels will certainly drop. However, the good news is that the damaged heater will produce recognizable problems just like a sick person will exhibit identifiable symptoms. Certain factors indicate that it’s time to hire a heater repair professional in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Off-Putting Stench That Lingers

Sure, you should expect to smell something while your heater is turning on. The built-up dust inside the combustion chamber will incinerate and emit a burning odor. What you shouldn’t smell is melting metal, and you can add singed wires and rotten eggs to the list. Such stenches are a major cause for concern because they often stem from serious issues, such as microbial growth and overheated inner components.

Lukewarm Air or No Warmth

Furnaces, heat pumps and boilers are specifically designed to generate heat. If your heater keeps failing to warm up your beloved home, it may need more than just a new filter. Hot air won’t circulate if the heater’s fan is malfunctioning. Likewise, the unit can’t meet your home’s heating requirements if it’s no longer responding to the thermostat. A problem like this calls for a thorough heater repair.

Higher Winter Heating Costs

Pay attention to your monthly utility bills because a faulty heater consumes a greater amount of power. Depending on how cozy you want your home to be during the colder months in Virginia Beach, chances are the unit will tack on hundreds of dollars.

The make and model of your heating system don’t matter. The more familiar you are with common system issues, the better you will recognize the need for a heater repair. Also, if you hire skilled technicians who are committed to your satisfaction, you can count on them to resolve the heating woes that are plaguing your living quarters. Contact BAJA Heating & Cooling today to schedule your next heater repair.

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