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Like any other HVAC components in your home, you need to schedule preventive maintenance for your heat pump. Schedule your regular HVAC maintenance in Portsmouth, VA, to avoid the following risks to your heat pump:

Decreased Efficiency

Dirty air filters and other broken components of the heat pump will restrict the flow of air. As a result, your heat pump will struggle to provide heat during the winter season. Airflow restriction also puts your compressor at the risk of damage, thus reducing the heat pump’s efficiency.

Regular preventative maintenance of the heat pump allows it to work at 95% of the original efficiency for most of its lifespan. Also, increased heat pump efficiency means reduced monthly energy bills. To prevent damage to your heat pump and maintain its efficiency, you need to regularly change your air filters.

Compressor Damage

The compressor is an essential component in your heat pump because it regulates your home’s cooling and heating. A certified technician will check on the compressor to ensure it’s running smoothly and clean or replace fans, coils or air filters.

The technicians will also clean around the heat pump’s exterior components to remove debris and allow proper airflow. All these precautions will prevent damages to the compressor.

Refrigerant Leaks

The manufacturer of the heat pump will fill it with refrigerant at the factory. However, you’ll need to book appointments with an HVAC company to refill the heat pump with refrigerant at the right levels.

Inadequate levels of the refrigerant on the heat pump will reduce the performance of the heat pump. Refrigerant leaks are also common with heat pumps, but regular maintenance will prevent such problems.

Reduced Lifespan

Every time you skip a maintenance service for your heat pump, you decrease its chances of serving you until its intended period. Regular maintenance protocols help to keep the internal components of the system in great shape. To schedule heat pump maintenance services, contact BAJA Heating & Cooling.

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