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The bond we share with our furry friends is strong. A recent pet ownership study reported that 67% of U.S. homes include a pet. The following are ways your pets could affect the indoor air quality in your Portsmouth, VA, home:

Cats and Dogs Introduce Allergens Indoors

Cats and dogs have fur that can carry allergens, including dust and pollen. These could trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Dogs and cats also produce dander or dead skin particles that could also trigger allergic reactions. Indoor air quality experts can keep your HVAC system working optimally to eliminate these particles. Scheduled maintenance and repair services will keep your HVAC system working efficiently.

Birds Can introduce Dust and Allergens Indoors

Birds make our homes feel cheerful. However, they carry allergens on their feathers. Birds also have mites, which could affect the quality of indoor air if released into your rooms.

The waste from birds and mites could have an adverse effect on your indoor air quality. In enhancing indoor air quality, you should clean your rooms frequently. You should also have the air conditioning system repaired and cleaned often to optimize its performance.

Pet Fur Can Clog Your Air Conditioning System

Furry pets shed their hair. In some instances, the fur may get trapped in your air conditioning system’s filters. As you know, when the air gets trapped in your air conditioner, the system won’t perform as it should.

Your air conditioner will struggle to maintain optimum indoor air quality. In some instances, the system may just spread the fallen fur or dander around your home. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is a great way to prevent such issues.

If you’re worried that pet fur and dander have affected your indoor air quality, contact BAJA Heating & Cooling to schedule our thorough IAQ services. Our service technicians are ready to solve all your HVAC issues.

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