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Extreme temperatures may stop you from opening the windows in your Virginia Beach, Virginia, home. So how can you combat stale air in your home when the temperatures are at their highest and lowest? Keep reading to find out three ways you can improve your home’s IAQ without having to open your windows and decreasing energy efficiency.

Install an Energy Recovery Ventilator

One way to bring fresh air into your home without opening a window is through an energy recovery ventilator (ERV), which you can connect to your HVAC system. An ERV exchanges stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air. As a result, it improves IAQ.

Change the HVAC System’s Air Filter

While an ERV and HVAC system work together to keep your home’s air fresh, the filter works to keep your home’s air clean. The air that circulates through the HVAC system passes through the filter to remove air pollutants such as dust and pollen. However, a full filter doesn’t work as well to catch those dirty air particles before they circulate through your home. So to maintain clean indoor air, change your air filter every three months.

Avoid Particle Pollutants

Another way to keep your indoor air fresh and clean is by avoiding and eliminating pollutants where possible. Be aware of cleaners and other products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and avoid using them. To reduce VOCs in your home’s air, consider growing household plants that can absorb them, such as the bamboo palm.

Keep your home’s air fresh and healthy. As a result, you’ll help to keep your family feeling well. To learn more about how you can eliminate stale air inside your home and improve your IAQ, contact BAJA Heating & Cooling at (757) 453-3273 today. We perform indoor air quality inspections and carry a wide selection of IAQ solutions.