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Summers around Chesapeake, VA, can be a lot of fun. They also bring excessive heat and humidity, though. Keeping your air conditioner running properly isn’t just a matter of comfort but also one of safety during the hottest months. Follow these simple steps to make sure your AC system is ready when you’ll need to depend on it.

Uncover Your Outdoor Unit

If you cover your outside condensing unit over the winter, remove the cover in the spring. Failing to do so will prevent air from flowing through the condensing coil. Consequently, the system won’t run properly, and you risk causing significant damage to your AC system.

Remove Debris From Around the Condenser Unit

You need to look at the area around your condensing unit at the start of the season and after storms. It’s important to keep the proper clearance both around the sides of your condenser and above it.

Your HVAC system’s manufacturer will specify the recommended clearance for your unit. As a rule of thumb, consider a minimum of 23 inches around it and 60 inches from the top.

Change Your Air Filters

If your system can’t circulate air freely, it can’t cool your home properly. An often neglected maintenance item is your air filter. Plan to check it every month, and replace it at least every three months.

Test Your AC System

Be sure to test your system before the weather gets consistently hot and humid. If you notice any odd noises, a lack of airflow, inadequate airflow or unusual cycle lengths, you have a problem. Schedule an AC repair visit to resolve the issue before it evolves into much a larger problem.

Schedule Spring Maintenance

Have a professional HVAC technician perform routine spring maintenance on your system. They will both clean the critical components that collect debris and test the system for minor faults. If they find something that needs attention, you have time to plan for the repair instead of dealing with an emergency.

Don’t leave your safety and comfort to chance this summer. Call BAJA Heating & Cooling to schedule your spring AC maintenance and know your system is ready for summer.

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