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It’s that time of year to begin thinking about starting your furnace before the winter. As such, scheduling professional HVAC maintenance should be on your to-do list. Here are three financial benefits you’ll reap after having your system professionally maintained:

Lower Utility Bills

One of the primary concerns with either heating or cooling your home is the associated utility costs. Many variables determine how these costs fluctuate from month to month and year to year. However, the biggest factor you have control over is the continued efficiency of your system.

As your system runs, it naturally collects airborne contaminants throughout. These contaminants restrict airflow, making the system run longer to achieve your desired temperature. Routine maintenance keeps air flowing freely, so the system runs appropriate cycle lengths, keeping your energy expenditure down.

Fewer Repairs

In addition to utility costs, a common stressor is worrying about your system breaking down and needing repairs. While all furnaces have parts that will eventually wear out, too much strain causes many avoidable problems.

When your system cannot circulate enough air, it causes additional strain. Longer run cycles cause the first kind of strain. Additional resistance, the second kind of strain, increases heat and wear on your electrical components.

All of this additional strain causes components to wear out prematurely, leading to additional heating repairs. Some of these components may include electrical controls, fan motors and more. Maintenance helps reduce the overall strain on your system, allowing each component to last longer.

Extended Service Life

The average furnace service life is roughly 15 to 20 years when properly maintained. However, when neglected, the additional strain throughout the system cuts that service life significantly short.

Without proper maintenance, you can easily double or triple your annualized cost for your furnace. This includes the installation, repair and utility costs when your system runs inefficiently.

Reduce your risk and expenses by keeping your system properly maintained. Call to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance with the expert service technicians at BAJA Heating & Cooling today.

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