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Your air conditioner’s ductwork in your Chesapeake, VA, home is a vital part of the system. The design, insulation and general integrity of this equipment can affect your comfort and wallet in the following ways:

Bad Ductwork Design

You need properly designed ductwork for optimum airflow. Sometimes, the existing ductwork can have issues because of a badly designed layout, which is a common problem in older homes. If the ducts are too long, the air will lose force the farther it travels from the cooling source. If there are too many sharp turns, it’ll impede the airflow. Both of these issues can result in less efficiency and air loss, which makes your system run more frequently.

Leaking Air

Over time, your ductwork can develop small tears, cracks and lesions. It’s estimated that the average lifespan of ductwork is about 25 years, after which accumulated moisture and rust can begin to affect the integrity of the materials. Leaks from the ducts cause a loss of air, which makes the AC system work harder to cool at the same level. These small holes can also allow contaminants, such as pollen, to enter the ductwork.

Poor Insulation

It may be the case that your existing ductwork wasn’t properly insulated during installation. If this is the case, the air inside the system will lose its coolness as it travels through the ducts, and the resulting air that leaves the vents into the room won’t feel as cool as it should. If you believe your ducts aren’t insulated correctly, the technicians at BAJA Heating & Cooling can help evaluate your ductwork.

The trained technicians at BAJA Heating & Cooling can help you improve and maintain a cool environment at a comfortable utility cost. Give our team of experts a call today to see what we can do for you. We look forward to assisting you.

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