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The technology behind air conditioners isn’t a usual topic of conversation for Virginia Beach, VA, residents. However, if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your AC system, you must understand the different stages. Read on to learn the differences of single-, two- and variable-stage air conditioners.

Single-Stage AC Systems

The single-stage AC system comprises a single compressor that operates at full speed. It implies that despite the cooling needs, whether small or huge, the compressor will function at 100% capacity. This type of air conditioning system can quickly cool your home and shut off immediately after attaining your desired temperature setting.

Two-Stage AC Systems

The two-stage AC system has two compressor operating levels at high and low. The higher one operates at 100%, whereas the lower one operates at 60-70%, depending on the make. Operations at two stages allow the AC system to provide better home comfort and savings because it doesn’t require frequent starts and stops.

Variable-Stage AC Systems

The variable-stage AC system is the most efficient on the market, with 10-150% capacity on the compressor. This implies that this type of AC system can easily accommodate even little changes in the temperature settings without much struggle or power consumption. In addition, setting changes don’t result in temperature spikes, thereby providing you with the best energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Cost of Air Conditioners

The variable-stage AC system attracts the highest upfront costs , hereas the single-stage has the least. Moreover, repairs of variable-stage AC system are relatively expensive, and the single-stage is the cheapest to repair. Nonetheless, in the long-run, variable-stage air conditioners save you the most on utility bills.

The choice for your AC system will depend on your budget and cooling requirements in your area. If you’re in Virginia Beach, contact BAJA Heating & Cooling today for AC installations, repairs and preventive maintenance service plans.

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