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Not every Chesapeake, VA, homeowner can tell which common HVAC myths are true. When it pertains to air conditioning, we understand that anyone can get swayed by bad advice. Fortunately, we have weighed in on which practices are nothing more than a myth and a total waste of money.

A Bigger AC System is Better

This isn’t the case. If you select an air conditioning system that’s too big for your space, it’ll consume more power. Calculate the appropriately sized unit for your home so that your air conditioner will perform efficiently. A professional service technician can help size your AC system correctly.

Ceiling Fans Lower Your Home Temperature

Many Chesapeake, VA, homeowners believe using their ceiling fans to cool their space is nearly as effective as using an air conditioner. Some even turn off their air conditioners and simply let their ceiling fans cool their homes. But this doesn’t work.

Ceiling fans don’t provide any actual cooling. They merely circulate air around to create a cool breeze. In reality, fans can’t compete with an air conditioner’s cooling capabilities. But ceiling fans can help distribute the air your AC system produces to make your living spaces feel cooler. In the spring and summer, ensure your ceiling fan’s blades rotate in a counterclockwise direction to create this windchill effect.

Closing Vents Saves Money

The notion behind this myth is that by closing the air vents of unused rooms, you can save energy by giving your air conditioner a smaller space to cool. However, closing your air vents will interfere with airflow, increase the time it takes to cool your house and potentially increase utility bills by causing your air conditioner to work harder.

Lower Thermostat Settings Improve AC Efficacy

Though it does help to cool your space faster, this isn’t the best method. It won’t only put a strain on your system to reach the temperature quickly, particularly on hotter days, but you’ll also not cool your space to a realistic, pleasant temperature. If you set the thermostat temperature too low for an extended period, your system will try to maintain that temperature, which makes your unit’s compressor will constantly run, wasting power and increasing bills.

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