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The temperatures in Virginia Beach, Virginia, are cold, with the current lows dipping below the freezing the mark. That means you’re depending on your heating system to deliver warm air around the clock. The added strain can result in problems. Here are three sounds that indicate there’s a problem with your heater and it requires repairs:


If you hear your heater making a scraping noise that sounds like metal parts rubbing together, there’s likely a problem in the blower wheel. The blower wheel might be loose and hitting the blower casing, or it could be completely broken.


Screeching noises are as annoying as they are alarming. If your heater is screeching, it could be due to a problematic motor bearing. The issue might also be a bad belt. Don’t try to fix these issues yourself. One of our technicians can diagnose where the noise is coming from and either lubricate the motor bearing or replace the belt.


Slight banging is a common noise you’ll hear when your heater operates. It usually means the air ducts are expanding or contracting, which isn’t a concern. But if the banging noises are loud, it could indicate a combustion problem.

For example, loud and repeated bangs are a result of there being too much gas in the chamber when the heater ignites. The bang is a small explosion taking place. This will strain all parts of the heating system, including the surrounding metal. An experienced HVAC technician can take a closer look and repair the problem in no time.

If your heating system making loud noises? Don’t let a repairable issue turn into a problem that requires a complete replacement. Contact BAJA Heating & Cooling right away at (757) 453-3273 for 24/7 emergency service. Our team of friendly technicians knows how to repair all types of heating issues and will restore your comfort immediately.

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